Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pupil safety outside schools

Grove Academy, Broughty Ferry
I have previously mentioned the City Council working party I am a member of that is attempting to address the issues of parking outside schools and pupil safety.

A number of school site visits were held prior to the school holidays to look at the issues at particular schools on-site and, yesterday, these recommenced at the start of the new term, with a site visit to Grove Academy in Broughty Ferry.

There was a useful discussion and look at the safety issues at both the Seafield Road and Claypotts Road sides of the school campus and, as a former pupil of Grove Academy, it was good to be given a tour of the school - having not set foot in Grove since I left secondary school in 1980!    

There's something of irony here because, over the 11 years I have been a member of Dundee City Council (and particularly when I was Convener of Education), I have visited most of the city's schools for one reason or another, but, until yesterday, not to the secondary school I actually attended as a pupil.

Of course, the Grove I remember is now home to Eastern Primary School, but it was great to see round the "new" Grove campus with its excellent facilities - the sort of 21st Century quality facilities we will see for our secondary pupils in the West End in the future when the Harris Academy rebuilding project is completed.