Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thursday activities

Today :

* I took part in a school/pupil/traffic safety site visit to St Andrew's Primary School (pictured right) as part of the on-going work of the working party on safety outside city schools.

* I held my Thursday weekly surgery at Blackness Primary School.

* I attended the latest - and a very positive - meeting of the West End Local Community Planning Partnership, that took place at the Tartan Coffee House on Perth Road.    Subjects covered included:
  • An update on the proposed consultation on residents' parking that will be launched on mid-October.
  • Details of the Dundee West District Plan by Tayside Fire and Rescue.
  • Tayside Police's tactical assessment for the West End.
  • Useful discussions on recycling, derelict buildings, parking on Magdalen Green, bus services and other local matters.