Thursday, 19 July 2012

Another travellers' encampment as occupation of site next to airport takes place

I have expressed concern at yet another travellers’ encampment springing up yesterday, this time at the former Scottish Water site at the Riverside Business Park immediately west of Dundee Airport.    This site was previously occupied in August 2010 and there are concerns that another encampment will lead to the sort of mess left then – when a considerable mess was strewn and there were concerns about it blowing over the airport runway.

It appears that, although the site was secured with a barrier after the last occupation, this has been forced open.

The airport management is aware of the situation and anxious to see a swift resolution.    The former Scottish Water site management company has already confirmed that legal steps are being taken to get the matter swiftly resolved.    I have also been in touch with City Council officers about the situation.

I have asked the council officer who liaises with the travelling community to emphasise the availability of a properly serviced site for the travelling community at Balmuir Wood, near Tealing.   The council provides this site for the travelling community so there is no excuse for this sort of occupation of privately owned ground. 
Barrier burst open
Part of the encampment