Tuesday, 3 July 2012

86th City of Dundee Brownies

I was delighted to have a chat recently with Jill Darling, who was chair of the City Centre and Harbour Community Council during the latter part of the time my former ward (Tay Bridges) covered most of the City Centre as well as the West End.

Jill was telling me that she is now running a Brownies pack in the West End and she's sent me an update and contact details that I reproduce below:

"The pack is called the 86th City of Dundee Brownies and is for girls from 7- 10 years old (or 11).   We meet on Mondays, term times only, in the hall of St. Joseph's Primary School.

Right now we have 14 girls but can have 24 (or even 30 if I have the help!)   I am happy to take names of girls interested for when we change over to the new school building on the Logie site.    

Our meeting times are from 3.30pm to 5pm.  My contact details are: 
Jill Darling - 205137 - jill.darling@virgin.net."