Sunday, 15 July 2012

Thomson Street to reopen tomorrow

As reported in yesterday's Courier, I have been advised by Dundee City Council that the road closure affecting Thomson Street will end tomorrow night (Monday 16th July), having started later but run on longer than originally intended (it was originally to have closed for 5 days starting 25th June).

A number of residents have contacted me about the continued closure due to sewer connection works to new townhouses under construction and I'm therefore pleased to have been advised by the council that the road will be reopened by Monday night.

The work started later than intended because of weather conditions but I am told by the council that it cannot legally run past Monday and residents will be pleased to see their road reopened.    I hope all the connection works are completed by tomorrow as I want to see any further road closure in the future avoided.

The residents in the street have put up with extended closures in the past 18 months with previous closures due to works on the gas main and other utility works, so it will be good to see Thomson Street open again.