Friday, 20 July 2012

Latest on Service 5 route change petition

Further to the recent petition by over 230 residents of the West End and workers at the Technology Park opposing the recent change to the Number 5 bus route, the Managing Director of National Express Dundee, has responded to me saying he’s given the petition consideration but:

“I still believe that our decision was correct & we have no plans to revert this service to its former route. Please pass on my appreciation to the signatories and also my regret that National Express Dundee are unable to meet their aspirations in respect of this matter.”

I will continue to press this issue with National Express Dundee as the bus route change adversely impacts on both my constituents at the western end of Perth Road and also workers in the eastern part of the Technology Park.   However, I am also keen to look at other possible solutions.

I have now had discussions with the Operations Director for East Scotland for Stagecoach (both Fife and Strathtay) – to see if any of their services which by-pass the area might be given a short diversion.   

In particular, the X42 service from Kirkcaldy to Ninewells could possibly be diverted to cover the Perth Road before heading into the Technology Park and then to Ninewells rather than picking up no passengers on Riverside Drive.    I do think its worth looking at all the options to improve the situation and am grateful to Stagecoach for giving the matter its consideration.