Saturday, 6 August 2011

Changes to the Friendly Bus sheltered shopping service

From Monday 15th August, there will be changes to the Friendly Bus - the shopping service for sheltered housing residents.

The service will still run on a Tuesday in the West End (and on other days in other parts of the city) but the good news is that at last Richmond Terrace/Richmond Court finally has some bus provision - this will be a boon to several elderly residents there - and the Ancrum Place/Morven Terrace sheltered housing will now also be covered by the Friendly Bus.    

I have a meeting with the tenants at the Morven Terrace/Ancrum Place sheltered housing area on Monday and it will be a good opportunity to update residents about the service - whilst discussing a number of other issues of concern to the tenants - fencing and maintenance of the grass areas in the estate being amongst them.

You can download a copy of new Friendly Bus timetable for the West End by clicking on the headline above or by going to