Monday, 15 August 2011

The Whitehall Theatre

I have spoken with many constituents today in the West End, expressing their concern about the future of the Whitehall Theatre.

As the day progressed, it was reassuring the learn that, despite the difficulties of the theatre company and the liquidation decision, the Whitehall Theatre Trust has signalled its intention to keep the theatre open and that it intends to still run shows like Dundee Schools' Music Theatre's "Me and My Girl", other autumn shows and hopefully the pantomime in the run up to Christmas.

The Whitehall Theatre has provided high-quality entertainment for Dundonians and the wider region for generations and I have today been in contact with the City Council’s Chief Executive to ascertain what steps the City Council may be able to take to assist.  

I have been advised by the council’s Chief Executive that he agrees that the loss of the Whitehall Theatre would be a blow to the city.    He had held a meeting with the Whitehall Trustees prior to the announcement in the press this morning and assured me that he will continue to liaise with the trustees to offer support and advice from the City Council.    This is a most helpful response.

The Whitehall Theatre Trust's determination to carry on must be fully supported and that's echoed by the views of the many West End residents I have spoken with today.

I was interviewed about the matter on Radio Tay and Wave 102 about this earlier today.   You can listen to the Wave 102 interview by clicking 'play' below: