Saturday 4 December 2010

Winter maintenance latest

I've spoken today to more residents about road gritting/ploughing, footpath and grit bin issues across the West End.

Here's today's update to councillors from the City Engineer :

"Please find below an update on the winter maintenance services being carried out over the weekend.

The forecast for the weekend is mainly dry and very cold with occasional light snow showers with the risk of more persistent sleet/snow on sunday afternoon. Temperatures are forecast to be as low as minus 8 degC overnight.
All available resources will be working over the weekend on the following priorities:

Carriageways:- (05:00 to 20:00 Sat & Sunday)

Gritting carriageway priority routes first thing and last thing at night (05:00 to 20:00)

Intermediate routes to schools and non-priority carriageway routes will follow priority treatment. Weather permitting (i.e. no more snow), it is hoped by the end of weekend all non priority routes will have had some form of treatment i.e. gritted or ploughed.

Keeping emergency services going as necessary - Fire, Police, ambulances, Meals on Wheels centre, crematorium, sheltered housing etc

Footways:- (08:00 to 18:00 Sat & Sunday)

Gritting footway priority routes, 5No locations B/ferry, City centre, Lochee and Perth Road.

Filling grit bins across the city 12crews

Clearing routes to and within all primary schools for opening on Monday.

Additional Resource:-
· Dundee Contract Services - providing additional resource for clearing internal areas of schools and grit bin filling

· Leisure & Communities – providing limited resource for grit bin filling and 2No tractor ploughs

· Waste Management – covering own priority areas across the city in preparation for waste collection with limited cover.

Priority for the weekend is to keep priorities cleared, treat all non priority routes and have schools treated for opening on Monday."