Wednesday 22 December 2010

Real Time Bus Information

Further to my item about this matter at the end of October, I asked for an update from the City Council's Sustainable Transport Team Leader and have been advised as follows :

"Unfortunately, work on the shelters has ground to a standstill during the snowy weather. The contractors will not be working on the shelters until 5 January 2011 (when they return to work after their Christmas break). I am advised that weather permitting, they could have four (two man) squads working on the shelters each week.

I e-mailed the contractors on 29 October 2010 and asked them to give priority to a number of shelters - Blackness Road / Harrow Street was among them. I will advise them again that after completing the Clearchannel shelters, the Harrow Street shelter should be among the first they visit."