Saturday 18 December 2010

Request for action on remaining treacherous roads and pavements

I have advised the City Engineer that I remain concerned at the condition of numerous streets in the West End that are still very slippy underfoot with ice.   I am particularly concerned for elderly residents.

As an example, here's a photo from yesterday of Paton’s Lane (right), a street with two sheltered housing complexes – run by Abertay Housing and Servite.

Elderly residents in the sheltered housing are concerned about the condition of the pavements and roadway in Paton’s Lane itself.

Although some parts of the pavement have been gritted, the ice underfoot is very slippy. I spoke with one elderly resident yesterday who has now not been out the house in over 3 weeks.    It is important that these areas are tackled, especially with further bad weather forecast.

The City Engineer advised me earlier today that my request would be actioned, subject to the availability of excavators to get through hard-packed ice.   I have asked about the availabilty of these excavators.