Monday 20 December 2010

Thomson Street latest

I have been advised by the council that :

“Thomson Street - now to remain closed until end of February 2011”

Given that the residents have now seen their road closed since 23rd August, firstly by Scottish Water work then works by Scotland Gas Networks, I queried the matter with Scotland Gas Networks (the work was originally to have been completed last month). The response from SGN is :

“Progress on site has been slower than we estimated due to the presence of rock below the ground surface, other utility apparatus and the difficulties in laying a large diameter gas pipe down a very narrow street. The severe winter weather at the end of November has also resulted in a 2 week shutdown on site and generally slowed things down e.g. we must now clear snow to allow our works to progress in a safe manner.

The site works will close down on Wednesday 22nd December 2010 for the Festive period and resume on Wednesday 5th January, 2011.

I can confirm that letters will be delivered to residents to advise them of the revised completion date.”

Whilst I think everyone appreciates the difficulties facing the contractor in the current weather conditions and there have also clearly been technical challenges too, I have asked Scotland Gas Networks to make every effort to get the roadworks finished and the road reopened as early as possible into the New Year.

The City Council has given me a commitment that the road will not be left long term with a patchworks of filled in holes and an uneven surface caused by the extensive works and the road will later be resurfaced properly - although at least 4-6 weeks after the pipes work is complete to ensure that any settlement is evident before resurfacing takes place.