Friday 10 December 2010

Bus Services - an update from National Express Dundee

City Councillors late this afternoon were sent an update from the Director of National Express Dundee about bus services in the city during the current weather situation.   I thought it useful to advise residents of this :

To all Councillors


As you may be aware, all our staff have been battling for the last fortnight to provide a service across the city. We have been issuing at times hourly updates on our website to keep everyone aware of what is running and what is not.

Over the last couple of days we have received numerous calls to get services back into the areas that we have been unable to access and I write to let you know that our Inspectors are regularly checking all streets which are operated on by our services and whenever they are safe we are putting services back.

The difficulty we have been facing is due largely to badly parked cars because of piles of snow in the margins of roads and the closure of many local car parks. We are seeing cars parked where they are not normally parked particularly in bus layby’s and on both sides of very narrow streets. We need a two way flow on roads to enable us to run a bus service and on the majority of the roads that is not the case and it is for that reason, that a week after having heavy snow, that we are still unable to get services fully operational.

I would appreciate your assistance in getting the message to residents to return to their normal parking streets to allow road clearance to be done by Dundee City Council so that we can get services operational again.

We will be checking all areas on Sunday afternoon to make a decision on the level of service for Monday morning.

Any co-operation and assistance you can give us would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Lawrence Davie
Director Dundee