Thursday 23 December 2010

Harris Academy - progress on car parking

Some months ago, the City Council proposed a significant extension of double yellow lines in Perth Road and West Park Road near to Harris Academy, because of the number of parked cars that have caused problems such as obstruction.

Some weeks ago, I had a meeting at Harris Academy with residents, the Depute Head Teacher and a City Council Risk Management representative to see if an alteration to the road access in the school (pictured right) could mean more staff cars are off the street and into staff car parks.   This would avoid the need for much of the proposed yellow lines, which bring with them disadvantages for residents.

Earlier this week, along with a representative of the Education Department and the school's Depute Head Teacher, I attended a site visit to look at proposals City Engineers have drawn up that will widen the access and allow separation of pupil access from that of vehicles.

It is a sensible solution that, in my view, will greatly improve matters.    The proposal will go before the Education Committee early in the New Year and I hope it is endorsed.   I am most grateful to council officers who have worked across departments to achieve a practical solution to this problem.