Saturday, 7 November 2009

Not worth a couple of quid

Parliamentary by-elections tend to result in a few stunts, but none so embarrassing as the purile stunt by SNP candidate, the rather arrogant David Kerr, in flinging a £2 coin towards the Labour candidate on Thursday night’s “Politics Now” on STV.

I was away Thursday evening so only saw the programme this afternoon. Whilst the other main party candidates acquitted themselves well in their own and different ways, the SNP candidate’s brash and arrogant approach made the toes curl.

The Daily Record from 21st July 2009 :

“Kerr, the SNP candidate in Glasgow North-East, rubbished Glasgow Caledonian University and Paisley College of Technology - now the West of Scotland University - in a talk to students at St Andrews.

He told a group of Catholic students he questioned whether Protestant reformer John Knox had attended St Andrews.

Kerr added: ‘I've always liked to think it was Paisley Tech or Glasgow Caledonian - they don't have a reputation to tarnish.’”

Oh dear ...