Monday, November 02, 2009

School buses issue ...

I recently received concerns about Harris Academy pupils who live in the area around the western end of Perth Road (west of the school) finding difficulty being able to get on a bus to/from school as they are so busy. I have received the following feedback from the Director of Travel Dundee (National Express Dundee) :


All of the buses which we schedule as School services are general registered services and available to all members of the public.

We do not have the school bus contracts for any of the public authority schools in Dundee.

There are a number of pupils who have passes for our buses provided by the education department and these numbers are built into our service planning.

Across the city there has been an increase in the number of pupils travelling by bus.

As far as we are aware these additional passengers are pupils not entitled to free school transport.

In order to accommodate this we put the largest buses possible on the busy school routes. This is a juggling act as we have every available bus out for the evening school run.

We keep in regular contact with the Transport team on school bus services and as far as we are all aware the problems experienced at the start of term this year have abated as they usually do once after school activities start up.

We had inspectors up at the Harris a fortnight ago all the pupils seeking to travel on bus that evening were accommodated.

The numbers do considerable fluctuate from day top day due to a variety of other reasons.

Wet weather also causes many additional pupils to travel by bus.

Unfortunately there will always be peaks which we cannot accommodate but if there is a regular ongoing problem can you let us know and we will discuss the issue with the DCC transport team and see what can be done.

Kind Regards

Lawrence Davie

Director Dundee"

The Head of Transportation at Dundee City Council has also advised :

"... the National Express Dundee service 9x departs at xx39 thus missing the school finish time. However there are three Stagecoach buses 77, 16 and 16a which leave between 1545 and 1556."

I have asked parents to keep me advised of any problems in the forthcoming weeks and I'll take these up with the bus companies and with the Head of Transportation at the City Council.