Thursday 23 July 2015

West End recycling and bin collection changes - a further update

Last week, I advised of the rollout of Phase 2 of the recycling extension and changes to bin arrangements that will start in November.    As I pointed out, in Phase 2 are the areas around Tullideph, Pentland, City Road, Brook Street, eastern part of Blackness Road, Peddie Street, South Tay Street and Windsor Street.    

However, there is a significant change to the Phase 2 that was originally agreed at council committee in that the Perth Road Lanes and surrounding area is now excluded, something I mentioned last week that I had queried with the Environment Department.   

I have now been advised by the department:

“The inclusion of the Perth Road lanes into future phases will be dependant on routing changes as each phase progresses so whilst I cannot, at this stage, be specific in advising which phase these will be part of, I can advise that it's highly unlikely that they will be included in Phase 3 (February 2016) as this corresponds to a different area of the city. 

At the very latest, these lanes would be provided with their new services as part of Phase 6 (March 2017) but this may happen much sooner if routing changes as part of Phases 4 or 5 (June & December 2016 respectively) allow these to be included here.

As we progress with planning each phase we will be able to provide more updates on areas included - please note that the implementation dates given are approximate & may be subject to change.”

I will, of course, keep residents updated about this matter.