Saturday 25 July 2015

Consultation - Management of Dog Walking at Riverside Nature Park

Update from the City Council about the management of dog walking at Riverside Nature Park :

"The Environment Department wishes to gather views on a change to the management of dog walking at Riverside Nature Park. 

Riverside Nature Park is part of the Inner Tay Estuary Local Nature Reserve opened in 2011, and borders on the Tay Estuary which is protected internationally and known for some of the most important wetland wildlife in Britain, mainly wading birds.    The Nature Park has been created from a land fill, with grazed areas, scrub and Dundee's largest wildflower meadows.   Over 130 bird species, some rare to Britain have been recorded by volunteers at the site.   Many species roost and nest on the ground and are easy to disturb.    Abandoned nests with dead eggs and chicks have been found at the reserve.

Dundee City Council is seeking to change the behaviour of dog walkers to protect the birds on the site. Please help us by completing the short survey which you can access here."