Monday 6 July 2015

Meeting with residents of Shaftesbury Place

Over a long period of time, I have highlighted the very poor state of the shared roadway/footway of Shaftesbury Place (see right).   

It has never been adopted by the City Council and is one of relatively few unadopted roadways in the city.

Following meetings with residents in the past, I attempted at the council's 2012/13 budget meeting to create an unadopted roads fund to assist this sort of situation, but unfortunately this was outvoted.

Residents again recently highlighted the concern about the deteriorating state of the road and tonight, along with 15 residents of the street, three council officers and two of my ward colleagues, I participated in a meeting at Blackness Library at which the issue was discussed, as were issues around the bin and recycling collection system.

There was a good exchange of views and options tonight and I urged that the residents to consider forming a residents' group to consider the possible alternative solutions.   I'll continue to help residents in any way I can.