Monday, 3 December 2012

Recycling in the West End

I have long campaigned for improved recycling facilities across the West End and, in particular, for the tenemental properties that have no household recycling facilities at present.   The council provides neighbourhood facilities (paper and glass only) but really does need to increase household facilities if it is going to achieve the step change in recycling that will be necessary to achieve Scottish Government targets into the future.

For this reason I have welcomed research that Zero Waste Scotland is undertaking research, mainly in the West End Ward - and partly in neighbouring Coldside - to further promote recycling and waste prevention.    I reproduce some of the detail to households (below) along with a map showing the streets in the West End that are covered by this initiative:

"Why conduct research amongst tenement properties?
Scotland has a significantly large number of tenement buildings, many of which were built in traditional styles many years ago that offer unique challenges for waste collection and recycling service provision. Zero Waste Scotland and Dundee City Council are currently conducting a review of the way in which waste and recycling services are provided to tenement dwellers and are seeking to engage with residents to design improvements that will enable more people to recycle more items more often and reduce waste going to landfill.

Where is the research taking place?

This research is being conducted in the four major cities in Scotland with significant numbers of tenement properties (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee) where it is felt that recycling capacity and reductions in waste that is simply dumped without recovery could be improved by residents and the local authorities working together to enhance the services available. In total two thousand tenement residents will take part in this research and contribute their views to the project’s outcomes and delivery.

What does the research involve?

The door step survey: During November and early December 2012, you may be approached by one of our researchers to take part in a confidential short interview (around 10-15 minutes) that will be designed to capture your thoughts and views on waste collections, recycling services and improvements that could be made to the service. The survey will also cover the barriers that you believe prevent tenement residents from recycling more and reducing waste that is not able to be recovered. We very much hope that you will take part in this research. 

Exodus Market Research will carry out the survey and all researchers will carry photographic ID. This research agency is a full member of the Market Research Society and will ensure that all your answers are treated in the strictest confidence and your individual responses will not be reported to the local authority or Zero Waste Scotland.

Further consultation: Following the reporting of the results of the survey the project team may develop a further consultation process to explore the issues raised by tenement residents and consider the ideas and service changes that Zero Waste Scotland and the local council may plan to introduce to improve the service. You may be asked to register during the survey process in order to participate in any further consultation but this is in no way binding and is completely confidential. The second stage consultation would take place in the New Year but this will be dependent on what the residents tell us in the survey and no decision has been taken at this stage to commit to this.

I can’t commit to a door-step survey but would like to take part. How can I give my views?

Although we would prefer households to participate via our face-to-face interviews, we recognise that this may not be possible for individuals with other commitments when our researchers visit. Please ring our telephone support Freephone number, 0800 0778427 to arrange to participate via a telephone interview or to get information on how you can take part on-line via our internet version of the survey."