Thursday, 20 December 2012

Not knowing what day it is ...

Last night's Evening Telegraph highlighted the rather embarrassing mistake by Dundee SNP, who are currently distributing 2013 "calendars" across the city.   Trouble is ... the "calendar" has a whole month with the wrong days against dates, rendering the calendar completely useless.

As I said in last night's Tele, I'm sure this was caused by a simple clerical error, but eyebrows will be raised that, having had the error pointed out to them, the SNP has said it is intending to continue deliveries into the New Year of this useless calendar.

Additionally, the SNP response in last night's paper states that the "calendar" provides "public information on local councillors' surgeries."   Actually, it doesn't.   No mention of their councillors' surgeries whatsoever.

The SNP should do the sensible thing and produce new and correct calendars for the households they have yet to deliver, rather than sending out something that is useless and misleading.