Sunday, 23 December 2012

In memory of Sam Lewis

Last month, I mentioned that I had the privilege of meeting the dozens of friends and family of Sam Lewis, the 19 year old BT call centre worker from the West End, who tragically collapsed and died at work in July.   That Sunday in November, Sam's friends and family set off on a sponsored walk to raise funds to provide for a bench on Magdalen Green, in memory of Sam.

The fundraising efforts, masterminded by Sam's friend Derek Kelbie, were extremely successful and by this weekend, the memorial bench is now in place on the Green.    Many thanks go to the Environment Department for all the assistance in getting the bench acquired, delivered and put in place on Magdalen Green and, above all, to Derek and his mum Helen, who put in such a huge effort to make this lasting memorial to Sam possible.   Thanks also to Helen for the photographs below: