Sunday, 21 October 2012

Friends of Balgay AGM

The Dundee Weaver Craft
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a packed Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Balgay that took place at the Mills Observatory.

There was an extremely informative and entertaining talk by Ron Scrimgeour on the history of the Dundee weaving trade in the year of the 500th anniversary of its incorporation as one of the nine incorporated trades in the city. 

Friends of Balgay has had a very successful year and Dr Hilda Spear, Chair, gave a resume of a number of the Friends' activities over the past twelve months - including the successful grant application for improvements at the Planet Trail, a well-supported litter pick on Balgay Hill, the successful level of sales of the Friends' new edition of its 'A Visitor's Guide to the Treasurers of Balgay', and the recent very heartening news of a grant from Archaeology Scotland to provide a historic market plaque at the park's Rose Window.