Saturday, 27 October 2012

Visit to the Whitehall Theatre

Yesterday, I took part in a tour round the Whitehall Theatre, at the invitation of former Lord Provost John Letford.   John, as the chair of the Whitehall Theatre Trust, and his colleague Davie, gave me an interesting insight into the improvements taking place at the theatre.

The Whitehall Theatre has good facilities that local West End groups can have access to - the cafe area in particular is a great meeting place - and any local group wishing to use the facilities should contact the theatre at Dundee 322684.

Here's John and me outside the Whitehall Theatre yesterday:
Later yesterday, I had the pleasure of chairing the latest meeting of the West End Christmas Fortnight Committee.   This year's Christmas activities in the West End are taking great shape and between 17th November and 1st December a whole host of events are taking place.