Saturday, 6 October 2012

Welcome removal of double yellow lines to help St Joseph's Church

I have welcomed Dundee City Council’s agreement to my request, on behalf of parishioners of St Joseph’s Church, to remove double yellow lines in Wilkie’s Lane, following the impending relocation of St Joseph’s Primary School.

The double yellow lines in Wilkie’s Lane create difficulties for local people attending the church from parking.   At present there is parking allowed on a “glazed pitch” at the south of the lane but this will be lost when the Al Maktoum Foundation starts construction of their new facility.   Also, the church car park is very small.

The amount of traffic in the street will be much less with the school moved and I made the point to the City Council that it would benefit church goers if they could legitimately park up the lane.

I am pleased at the positive response from the council which will benefit visitors to the church and the priests resident in Wilkie’s Lane.


Sent: 05 October 2012 10:08
To: Fraser Macpherson
Subject: Re: Wilkie's Lane

Councillor Macpherson,

Thank you for your e-mail dated 3 October 2012 regarding prohibition of waiting in Wilkie's Lane.  I have discussed this matter with the Network Management Team Leader.

The double yellow lines were instigated by the Education Department due to the approach to the school.  This would have been part of the improvements for Safer Routes to Schools.   However there is no Traffic Order currently in place for this enforcement.

With the closure of St Joseph's Primary School due to the relocation to Glenagnes Road, there will be no longer the requirement to restrict parking or concern of parked vehicles leading to a school at this location.

Therefore in order to provide sufficient parking for people attending church, I will arrange to make arrangements to remove the double yellow lines.   I will however retain the double yellow lines at the junction with Blackness Road.  

The promotion of the TRO to create enforceable parking restrictions will no longer be progressed and we will email you (along with all ward members) formally.

Head of Transportation
City Development Department