Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Parking at new West End schools

Glenagnes Road entrance to the schools
Yesterday's Courier featured my concerns and those of one of the residents who has contacted me regarding some of the parking problems near to the new West End schools in Glenagnes Road and Blackness Road.

I have now visited the schools on a number of occasions to look at the issues first hand and major areas of concern are a small minority of drivers who are parking on double yellow lines near the school or letting off children in Blackness Road (in some cases by double parking and blocking the busy road).

As I said to the Courier, I have been heartened by the response I have had from the Director of Education and the Head of Transportation at the City Council, who have made it clear that they want to see any problems tackled as soon as possible.

Safe drop-off points for parents and carers dropping off their children are indicated in the Safer Routes to the West End Campus leaflet issued to all pupils recently and it is hoped that all will take the advice this useful publication gives.