Wednesday 1 July 2020

Have A Go Activity Packs!

A really useful update from Dundee Volunteer and Voluntary Action :

“We are working in partnership with HOPE and Grey Lodge to put together activity packs to encourage older people to continue to keep active during lockdown.  We want them to know that they are not alone and to encourage them to keep active both mentally and physically.  These packs will provide practical items to keep people active during the ongoing restrictions therefore helping with their overall health and wellbeing. These packs will be hand delivered by volunteers and allow people to feel connected to the community and give reassurance they have not been forgotten.  The packs will also contain information on services that can help during this time again to help the person feel supported. 

We are concerned about the numbers of older people who are telling us that they are worried about the restrictions lifting and as a result are scared to go out and get back to whatever the new 'normal' will look like as well as those who are keen but who will have lost their physical strength.  

For each referral, we will deliver 3 activity packs to older people identified as being socially isolated, digitally excluded and who are needing a little something to keep them going that will improve their wellbeing and positivity - at the start of July, August and September. 

The first will contain activities to improve mental health and keep the brain ticking over; the second will look at physical health and the 3rd will contain information on what redesigned services might look like by then with social distancing measures in place. 

The first activity pack will be issued at the end start of July and will provide practical items to keep people active during the ongoing restrictions of lockdown both mentally and physically therefore helping with their overall health and wellbeing.  The packs will include adult activity puzzles, colouring in books, colouring pencils atc and service information sheet for those needing support.  Books and jigsaws can be added on request. 

The second activity pack will be issued at the start of August and will take the form of a newsletter that will address mindfulness and physical health.  We will include more strength building easy exercises sheets to help prevent falls.  Additional activity sheets will be provided along with local history stories and puzzles. 
This pack will also address what supporting people will need to get back out into the community. 

The third pack will be delivered at the start of September hopefully when restrictions in the greatest part will be closer to being removed.  This pack will therefore be about looking forward and planning to get out and about again.  It will be in the form of a further newsletter and will contain information on local services that have re-opened/ are re-opening and what services’ new working procedures look like.   We plan to include a reusable face mask and hand sanitiser to add in to this pack as people may be wary of going out without these items and it has been difficult sourcing these items from local shops.

We are keen to reach people in particular who would struggle to gain access to this information otherwise as they dont have the digital means or social networks to keep them informed.

We are looking to reach people who are:

aged 55 and over
socially isolated
digitally excluded
and who's wellbeing could be improved if they were to receive a pack.  

If interested, please contact Maureen at HOPE on 0300 123 2640 option 2 and ask for Maureen at HOPE or by using the email with the name, address, age and telephone number of the person you would like to receive this.  

Please note the closing date for referrals is this Friday - 3rd July - as we hope to deliver the following week. Numbers are limited. 

This project has been made possible due to funding received from The Big Lottery Supporting Communities Fund.”