Sunday 6 September 2015

Pedestrian safety near Roseangle playpark : an update

I raised residents' concerns recently about pedestrian safety near the Roseangle playpark since the playpark was improved and footfall is very significantly increased.

I have contacted both the City Council's Head of Transportation and the Road Policing Unit at Police Scotland, asking if a speed survey could be carried out.   

The council’s Head of Transportation has now advised :

“With regard to parked cars on Riverside Approach near the railway overbridge a site inspection was carried out but there were only vehicles parked on the south side of the build out for this particular visit.

I will arrange for further inspections and from the observations I will arrange to include this location for consideration in the next batch of locations in the variation to waiting restrictions traffic regulation order programme.

From previous site inspections there were no high speed vehicles observed but I will arrange for Riverside Approach to be added to the next list of locations for a traffic speed survey.

With regard for the possibility of a pedestrian crossing on Riverside Approach linking Magdalen Green and the play ground, initial observations are that the pedestrian and cycle count and traffic flows are too low to justify a pedestrian crossing at this particular location.

I will however arrange for the vehicles and the pedestrian count crossing survey to be carried out and advise you of the results from the survey.”

I will, of course, keep residents updated once the results of the survey are known.