Saturday, 22 August 2015

Pedestrian safety near Roseangle playpark

I have had a number of residents' concerns recently about pedestrian safety near the Roseangle playpark since the playpark was improved as the footfall is very significantly increased.    The following comment from a resident is typical :

"I want to draw your attention to my concerns of the road safety around the new fantastic Roseangle play park specifically the crossing from the play park to Magdalen Green (Riverside Approach).

There are two issues as I see it.

One of parked cars around that crossing and secondly of the speed of cars on the road around the crossing."

I have contacted both the City Council's Head of Transportation and the Road Policing Unit at Police Scotland, asking if a speed survey could be carried out.   

Some years ago, I asked about the possibility of a pedestrian crossing across Riverside Approach from Magdalen Green to the playpark side.    At that time there wasn't the footfall to meet the criteria but given the increase in usage of the playpark, I have asked that this be reassessed.