Tuesday 18 August 2015

Water supply improvements in the West End

From the Regional Communities Team Manager at Scottish Water :

“I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a Scottish Water project to improve the water supply in the Perth Road/City Road area of the city.

This project has been promoted to reduce the levels of iron in the drinking water in that area.    The work consists of approximately 10km of unlined cast iron mains which will be spray lined with a polyurethane lining and 10km of other mains which will be flushed or swabbed as appropriate. The work will proceed in sections of up to 150m per day.    Most properties will only experience one interruption to supply, for up to 12 hours.   Customers will be notified in advance to allow them to make alternative arrangements prior to the shut.    Businesses in the area will also be visited to discuss particular needs.    In exceptional circumstances some properties may experience more than one interruption but we will make every effort to avoid this. 

We plan to begin with the Perth Road section, starting at the Sinderins junction and working our way down to the West Marketgait junction.  This is currently programmed to start on site the 5th October and will last for approximately 6 weeks.    For the first 3-4 weeks we will be lining the water mains in Perth Road itself. In the interests of speed and safety,    DCC Roads Department has agreed to an eastbound lane closure of this section of Perth Road for the duration of this phase.

Once we have completed the works on Perth Road itself, the lane closure will be lifted and we will carry out lining works in some of the side streets (Shepherds Loan, Mid and West Wynd, St Peter St, etc) and elsewhere in the area (such as South Tay Street, West Port, Artillery Lane).”