Sunday 30 August 2015

The Sir Jimmy Shand Connection

Sir Jimmy Shand
From Sheena Wellington of Friends of Wighton :

Jimmy Shand was world renowned as player, composer, band leader and innovator.    Less well known is that he was also a discerning collector of old music books. 

Friends of Wighton bought The Jimmy Shand Collection at auction and we are now raising money, through events, application to funding bodies and trusts, and crowdfunding, to have the volumes conserved so they can be on display at Dundee’s Wighton Heritage Centre and used by musicians, scholars and the community. 

To bring the music off the page and into life and to celebrate the works being made available we’ll run, in Dundee, Angus and Fife, a series of concerts, ceilidhs and workshops under the title 'The Sir Jimmy Shand Connection'. 

Our initial crowdfunding target is £5000 and when you contribute through our crowdfunding page  - your name will entered on a role of honour.    There are also some wonderful musical treats available depending on the amount donated!

We would like to thank Jimmy Shand Jr and all the Shand family for their support of this project.