Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tree replacements - Blackness Avenue

The City Council recently crowned a number of trees in Blackness Avenue that were requiring trimming and a small number were removed where the tree had either died off or the roots were causing a significant deal of damage to the footpath.

A number of residents have sought assurances that any removed trees will be replaced.   I took this up with the council's Assistant Forestry Officer who advises :

"I can assure you and your constituents that replacement street tree planting at Blackness Avenue will be carried out with in the next tree planting season. 

The season will likely be between November 2015 to the end of March 2016. 

All trees that have been removed have had their stumps subject to grinding and back filled with top soil to create a tree pit for the new trees to be planted. 

There are one or two areas that are to be patched over, as per the site visit and agreement last year. 

All remaining tree pits within Blackness Avenue will be planted with a new street tree during this next planting season."