Tuesday 23 June 2015

City Council meetings

Following a very lengthy discussion last night and representations from deputations, the decision was taken at the Education Committee to close Menzieshill High School and, from August 2016, include the Menzieshill catchment area within the Harris Academy catchment area.

I listened carefully to all the arguments and read carefully all the evidence from Education Scotland, the City Council and the objectors and thereafter spoke in the debate, supported the proposal on educational grounds of ensuring that all pupils get the best possible subject choices and educational experience.   The issues will be discussed further at tonight's Harris Academy Parent Council.   I am, as always, pleased to discuss any aspect with any constituents contacting me about this important matter.

At City Development Committee, I sought assurances about the continued local access to the road safety camera resource as Police Scotland take it over from the Tayside Safety Camera Partnership and I also welcomed the decision to compulsorily purchase a long-neglected property in Roseangle.

At Policy & Resources Committee, I welcomed Common Good funding for a number of good causes including a possible Hogmanay event in the City Centre later this year.