Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Discovery Walk update

Last August, I mentioned the excellent Discovery Walk proposal, which has now moved forward a long way.   I've been pleased to take part in the committee progressing this and very grateful to the other members of the committee who have put a lot of effort into progressing this excellent proposal.

The Discovery Walk will comprise of nine plaques set into the paved area of the Green Space at the heart of the city's huge new waterfront development to celebrate these contributions in a highly visible and permanent way.  Bronze plaques in the pavement will tell the fascinating stories behind these individuals and their discoveries and inventions.

You have until 24th June to be involved by helping to select the first nine plaques to be placed in Discovery Walk.  On the shortlist are 14 people whose contributions deserve celebration and from the following criteria you can let us know by completing the short survey your top three or whether there are others that should be considered instead.

The Nominees for the walk are Mary Ann Baxter, James Chalmers, Geofrey Dutton, Alfred Ewing, Margaret Fairlie, James Bowan Lindsay, R D Low, George Lowdon, Thomas McLagan, George A Pirie, James F Riley, Walter Spear, D'Arcy Thompson and Mary Lily Walker.  You can check out their stories on the Discovery Walk Facebook page 

The criteria :

1.  The person or people being commemorated must be deceased.

2.  The person or people must either have been born and/or educated in Dundee, or have spent a considerable part of their life in Dundee.  

3.  The person or people nominated must have either a notable/influential discovery of some kind or be noted for some form of exploration - scientific, geographic or cultural.  

4.  Their achievement has happened in Dundee or be rooted or industry specific to the city.  

5.  The discovery can be a group of people.  

6.  Where there are two equally valid subjects, Discovery Walk should favour the one that is less well-celebrated elsewhere.   

Please complete the survey by 24th June by clicking here.