Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Harris Academy Project Board

This morning, I took part in the latest meeting of the Harris Academy Project Board, the board charged with overseeing the new Harris Academy construction project and associated matters.  The board was chaired today by the City Council's new Chief Executive.

We had a very productive and positive meeting, with reports of excellent progress with the construction of the new building, as I had already seen first-hand during a visit on-site before Christmas.    There is good contact with and updates for the neighbouring community through regular newsletters and adjacent residents have been invited to see round the site to see building progress for themselves (as has West End Community Council).

We had an explanation about the various community benefits of the project, including another five new start apprentices on-site, in addition to the existing six, with over 50% of the workforce coming from the Dundee area.

We discussed various other aspects as the school project moves towards completion for August 2016, including school transport and road safety in the vicinity of the school (and possible waiting restrictions to assist).   

I also raised the importance of having a new education and recreation association established well in advance of August 2016 to ensure maximum community use of what will be excellent facilities at the new Harris Academy campus.