Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Getting things done - Blackness Avenue

Further to last week's Blackness walkabout that I undertook with council officers, I raised the poor condition of a tree bed in Blackness Avenue (see right) where the tree has been removed and a muddy trip hazard is left.

I asked the council's Forestry Section if they could plant a replacement tree and tidy up the bed area.

I have now received the following response :
This years annual street tree survey will be carried out mid / late summer.   All empty tree pits will be identified for potential replacement planting during this survey.   My intention will be to replant in this tree pit and we will top dress with wood chip as a weed suppressant and reduce the trip hazard. 
At present there are provisional plans to carry out tree pruning and felling works in Blackness Avenue and planting works will be carried out next planting season. In the short term prior to planting season I will arrange for the pit to be top dressed with wood chip.