Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Proposed pedestrian bridge at Seabraes

Artist's impression of the bridge
Back in 2011, I welcomed use of the Vacant and Derelict Land Fund to create the long-awaited pedestrian bridge from Seabraes to Riverside - something I have long campaigned for.

The bridge project is now progressing and has been generally welcomed as improving the link between Seabraes, Perth Road and the wider West End with Riverside and a number of constituents have asked what it is likely to be named.    They have mentioned some suggestions - Seabraes Bridge, West End Bridge, Michael Marra Way, Riverside Bridge and one even mentioned William Topaz McGonagall Bridge.

I asked the City Council's Director of City Development about this and he has responded :

"Over the past few years, the development of the concept and design has had a working title of Seabraes Bridge and the intention is to formally recognise this and name it Seabraes Bridge upon its completion next year.  The area of the former rail yards now has an established name of Seabraes Yard as part of the wider Dundee Waterfront development, the name 'Seabraes Bridge' will help ensure that there is a psychological linkage from Perth Road through Seabraes Yard and on to the Waterfront at Riverside Drive."

Clearly, the finalised agreed name will require council committee approval in due course but it is useful to know the officers' recommendation and allow residents to give their views.