Sunday, 30 March 2014

Latest Friends of Wighton update

From Sheena Wellington:

Friends of Wighton's Lunchtime Recital on Wednesday April 2nd at 1.15pm will feature John Bagnall (English Concertina and Octave Mandolin) and Paul Blackburn (D/G Melodeon), with Ruth Blackburn (Recorders and Fiddle).

John and Paul have been playing together for over 20 years and share an interest in traditional music from old sources, such as the country dance music books published by Playford, Walsh and many others from several countries.    They will be playing a selection of their favourite tunes, mostly dance music and airs from the last 400 years, some of which are in the Wighton collection.    There may also be some fairly new tunes written in traditional styles.

Paul plays a French Saltarelle 2-row melodeon in D and G and John plays English concertinas by Wheatstone and Lachenal.

The recital begins at 1.15pm in the Wighton Heritage Centre at the Central Library.   Admission is free (donations welcome).