Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cutting speed on Riverside Drive and Riverside Avenue : an update

Last November, I welcomed the recommendation by the City Council to cut the speed limit on Riverside Avenue and Riverside Drive, something I have long campaigned for to improve road and pedestrian safety.

The council's Director of City Development has recently updated me on the consultation process as follows :

"It is estimated that the Traffic Regulation Process (TRO) process for the roads identified to change in the speed limit review will start off in about 2 months as this has been added to the list of outstanding Traffic Regulation Orders that have to be progressed.  

As far as consultation is concerned it is likely that this will occur about 3-4 months after the commencement of the process.

Please note that the Riverside Avenue section will require the cooperation of Perth and Kinross Council as the road is shared to the west of Invergowrie Burn."