Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hawkhill by-pass - safety barrier - at last!

Two years ago when the Tesco Express opened at Hawkhill, at its east end, residents expressed concern about parking right outside the store on the busy by-pass. The police were also been in touch with me about the concerns.

The police's suggestion was for an extension to the barriers across the store entrance - a very sensible suggestion in my view.

So I asked the council for this and - through the Road Construction Consent process - the developer of the adjacent site (including the Tesco store and the Casino) was asked to provide the necessary safety barrier.     Protracted negotiations over what I would consider a minor improvement have dragged on and, in short, the developer has been uncooperative in terms of providing the necessary barrier.

So full credit to the City Council's Head of Transportation who has broken the stalemate and advised me :

"To bring this matter to a conclusion I have agreed that Dundee City Council will complete these works as we do not wish to allow the unwelcome parking situation at Tesco to continue and will implement the barrier works in the coming weeks (before the end of March 2012)."