Tuesday, 21 February 2012

On Radio Tay news - about Dundee House

I was on Radio Tay news yesterday and quoted in the Courier about the lack of proper public toilet provision at Dundee House, the City Council's new headquarters.

At the HQ that cost Dundee council taxpayers some £36 million, there is only a disabled toilet facility but no general toilet provision.   It would have been a whole lot better if the Dundee public had been given some consideration.    

Although I have been told by the council's Chief Executive that elderly people and young children will be allowed access to the disabled toilet, I have had a complaint from an elderly constituent who lives in sheltered housing that, on visiting Dundee House, he was told there is no toilet provision.

I do think the City Council can do better than this – after all, the Dundee public visiting Dundee House paid for the building!

Click 'play' below to listen to the news report on Radio Tay: