Tuesday 30 November 2010

Real Time Bus Information - Pentland Avenue

As residents are aware, I have been highlighting the need to see the real time bus timetable information at bus shelters where it is currently out of action repaired and the service back working as soon as possible.  

I recently had a request as to progress getting the information on the shelters in Pentland Avenue repaired and the City Council has advised as follows :

"Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide an exact date for the repair of the shelters on Pentland Avenue. As previously indicated, the contractors have been instructed to concentrate their efforts on shelters with advertising panels before tackling other shelters across the city. We are now half way through the work with over 150 shelters repaired. I expect that the repair work will continue until at least February 2011 but I would hope that Pentland Avenue may get tackled either in the run up to Christmas or in January 2011. The severity of the winter weather will obviously impact on the progress made."