Wednesday 24 November 2010

And ... some photos from tonight's events!

Having been involved in organising ten West End Christmas Week events, tonight's was easily the best in terms of Christmas night events we have run - the largest turnout of local people - hundreds at the Christmas Concert in Dundee West Church, such a great turnout that we ran out of room! - our most impressive fireworks display ever (thanks Rob!), a super carnival and great atmosphere.

I am indebted to all who took part, helped with the organisation and in any other way helped make tonight a superb community night for the West End.

Err ... so to the photos!
From the top - the carnival, the concert, the tree now lit, and - lastly - Lord Provost John Letford and Ally Bally of Radio Tay switch on the Christmas Lights!   

You'll have noted the last photo of Ally & the LP is of rather better quality than the rest.   There's a reason for this - it is courtesy of DC Thomson Ltd, to whom we are also grateful for their coverage of the various West End Christmas Week events.