Tuesday 16 November 2010

Post collection centre - meeting with Royal Mail

Further to the concerns I raised recently about the proposal by Royal Mail to close the 'undelivered mail collection centre' in Crichton Street and transfer the service to the Edward Street depot, I today met with three Royal Mail representatives regarding their proposals.

My major area of concern is that although the Edward Street depot is handy for some West End residents in the Blackness/Milnbank area, for many West End residents it is not a convenient location.  It is not an easy walk for an elderly person travelling by bus (from both the 17 and 22 services' routes, the walk is hilly).

The Royal Mail representatives did indicate that they would go through a consultation period before a final decision is made and assured me that the proposed opening times at the Dundee West depot in Edward Street would be changed to match those at Crichton Street (8pm on Wednesdays, 6pm on other weekdays and 2pm on Saturdays) and there would be accessibility and signage improvements at Edward Street should the proposal go forward.   They indicate the Crichton Street office struggles to cope with the increased parcel business, given its limited space.

I am unconvinced that the Crichton Street office could not be relatively easily altered to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (the front access is already relatively level) and the crucial point is that it is extremely well situated in terms of public transport.

Royal Mail will respond specifically to me in writing on the accessibility/access matter at Crichton Street and will also advise of developments on this matter.    This was a useful opportunity to get across the views of my constituents who want to see the facility at Crichton Street retained.