Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sinderins Court Update

As reported in tonight's "Evening Telegraph", I am pleased to learn from Home Scotland that the residents’ lift in Sinderins Court that has broken down some 17 times recently, has been repaired and has been working normally over the past few days.

Residents had contacted me following the breakdowns, expressing concern about the broken lift. Although I am pleased that the lift appeared to be back operating again this week, I sought assurances from Home Scotland that a permanent solution to the regular lift breakdowns was found.

Home Scotland has now replied saying :

“I can advise that the lift is now working and has been for quite a few days. However, it has been agreed that the lift is approaching the end of its serviceable life. We are planning to replace the control panel and hydraulic unit and this work is going out to tender.

“Unfortunately, once the above work proceeds, it will be necessary to put the lift out of commission and this could take a maximum of two weeks. We appreciate this will be a great disruption to the residents and we will try to keep the period the lift is not available to a minimum. You will appreciate however, that in the long term this work will benefit all the residents.

“Once we are aware of when the work is likely to go ahead and have a clearer indication of the timescale, we will contact all the tenants.”

It is obvious that replacing the lift’s control panel and hydraulic unit is vital if further breakdowns are to be avoided, but I am anxious that any further work is carried out as quickly as possible and any disruption minimised. I am in discussion with Home Scotland regarding this.