Monday, 12 May 2008

Liberal Democrats - the effective opposition

Following the astonishing meltdown of the Labour Party this week, Nicol Stephen, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Scotland, said that the Liberal Democrats are offering the only effective opposition to the SNP Government.

"The past week has proved beyond any doubt that the Liberal Democrats are the only party providing effective opposition to the SNP.

"Annabel Goldie's Tories have made life more than easy for the SNP over the last year. The Tories have consistently cosied up to the SNP, even supporting the nationalist's budget. They must share the blame for the ensuing cuts to frontline services that almost every council in Scotland has had to make.

"Labour has disintegrated. Wendy Alexander’s flip-flop on the independence vote and the subsequent failure of the Prime Minister to support her position has plunged the party into chaos. Nobody knows what Labour stand for anymore and they’re shown themselves as totally incapable of holding the SNP Government to account.

"Week in, week out at First Minister’s Questions and at the key debates in the Scottish Parliament, only the Liberal Democrats are providing the real alternative to the SNP Government."