Thursday 4 May 2023

Update from The Little Green Larder! #dundeewestend

From Jillian and The Little Green Larder team at 272 Perth Road :

We’re a more than profit social business that exists to make sustainable shopping easy, affordable and convenient.

We put the planet and the people in our community at the forefront of everything we do. Alongside donating a portion of our profits, we’ve fundraised over £4500 for local businesses and charities since opening in 2019. We donate excess food to community fridges, and dried foods to our local food banks.

The past few years haven’t been easy for us; we’ve come very close to closing our doors for good. But we don’t give up without a fight. So we’re adapting!

We’ll be investing funds into completely revamping the shop, and relaunching with a new community focused offering. As ever we want to support local as much as possible, offer affordable and sustainable options, and introduce new ways to support our community.

Since the pandemic we’ve received countless emails and phone calls from people in our area who are struggling and suffering from food poverty.

We want to pivot our offering, removing barriers to healthy and affordable on-the-go food, and helping as many people as possible. Introducing freshly made health focused lunch offerings, and a pay it forward wall where anyone grab a voucher for a hot drink or something to eat. No questions asked.

We can’t do this without support from our stakeholders and local community, via our recently launched Crowdfunder campaign at