Tuesday 13 July 2021

Getting things done - Riverside Drive #dundeewestend

Last week, I had a very useful site visit with our local environment manager and a member of West End Community Council about environmental issues in the part of Riverside Drive east of the Bridgeview Restaurant.

We agreed the following :

  • Move a dog bin away from the seating area east of the restaurant so the potentially smelly bin is not close to seating and move it further east so there is better spacing between dog bins (there's already one just slightly west of the existing one anyway).
  • Provide a new and decent sized litter bin near the seating.
We also looked at the Tay Rail Bridge Disaster Memorial which on its side facing the river is starting to wear, making the writing difficult to read - see below - and removing parts of the mural.

I have since then been in touch with the City Council's public art officer, who has helpfully responded as follows :

"I am presently working on another project which requires lettering into granite and infilled with a paint. I will ask regarding the possibility of refilling the letters. 

However, this probably can be done by a local monumental mason."