Friday 2 July 2021

Getting things done - Hillcrest Road - an update #dundeewestend

Back in April, on behalf of residents, I reported the deterioration of the road surface in Hillcrest Road to the City Council's Roads Maintenance Partnership and received the following response :

“An inspection has been carried out at Hillcrest Road and there are currently no actionable defects. However an order has been raised to repair non actionable defects when resources are available.

Non actionable defects are minor defects and have no specified timescale for repair. Actionable defects are defects that require intervention i.e. repair within an appropriate timescale dependant on the location and scale of the fault.”

These defects had yet to be programmed in and, as you can see from the photo, the road does need repair so I asked if this could be now done ASAP.

I have now received this helpful update :

"Bailie Macpherson

(The local inspector has now) raised an order for repairs to be carried out."