Monday 13 April 2020

Getting things done - Abbotsford Place #dundeewestend

As residents will gather, much of my large amount of current contact from constituents at present is around issues related to the current health emergency and I am always very pleased to assist anyone in the West End in any way I can.

I would, however, add that day to day issues unrelated to the current COVID-19 emergency continue and I am happy to report these.   Residents do appreciate that non-urgent matters will be attended to by council departments after the current health emergency has passed.

Residents have reported to me the need for a wee repair required to one of the street signs in Abbotsford Place :

As one resident put it, "On a lighter note perhaps when we get back to some normality we can have our street sign correctly spelt?       It reminded me when the Loons Road one was redone the foot of the road was Loon's Road."

I have reported the sign to the Roads Maintenance Partnership and it will be attended to once services return to more of a degree of normality after the health emergency is hopefully passed.